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11 May Achaari Murgh

Achaari Murgh is one of the most flavour packed dishes from Jodhpur. As the name suggests its prepared with all the core spices that go into a pickle. It goes deliciously well with any type of Indian flatbread( Chapati, Naan, Paratha). Have a look and...

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18 Apr Chicken Curry

[gallery ids="16610,16609,16604,16721,16598,16723,16720,16577"]Well this is not the regular Chicken Curry, its something which holds our Home Culinaire Neha's whole childhood. Try your hands on this for your family dinner and surely you won't be disappointed:Prep Time: 60 mins Serves: 4-5IngredientsChicken – 600 g Mustard Oil – 5 tbsp Whole red chilies...

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08 Mar Coconut Chicken Curry

Juggling with an unexpectedly sudden dinner or lunch plan? Here's a quick Coconut Chicken Curry recipe to your rescue! Straight from the smoking kitchen of Ruchira Hoon Philip. It is surprisingly simple to cook and will make you a hit host....

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13 Jan Hoihnu Express

Commeat cast its net wider this time to bring to you undiscovered secrets from the north east of India. In this week's blog we shine the spotlight on Hoihnu Hauzel, a culinaire par excellence, who has Manipuri cuisine as her calling card. ...

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