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12 Oct Fish Vevichathu

[gallery ids="17467,17456,17464,17463,17465,17466,17462,17457,17461,17458,17459,17460"] Fish vevichathu, is a recipe corresponds to the fish curry prepared around Kottayam. Learn how to prepare the most famous and easy and simple Kerala red fish curry recipe by our Home Culinaire, Prima Kurien! Your guests will go crazy over this. Time: 30 mins Serves:...

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20 May Neer Dosa

The Mangalorean Neer Dosa, is a simple, quick recipe to make. Neer means water hence the batter is as thin as water. The outcome is fluffy, soft and lacey dosas. This Dosa is made purely from rice and combined along with coconut. Have a look...

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13 Jan Hoihnu Express

Commeat cast its net wider this time to bring to you undiscovered secrets from the north east of India. In this week's blog we shine the spotlight on Hoihnu Hauzel, a culinaire par excellence, who has Manipuri cuisine as her calling card. ...

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